Sometimes, going to the hospital is less frightening than receiving the bill at the end of the visit.

For decades, we have watched the prices of our most needed health-related procedures reach new heights. We have complained, we have protested, and we have made jokes about the state of the healthcare industry - but what have we truly accomplished?

Although many healthcare facilities place large price tags on the majority of their services, there are many others that are bringing down the cost of these same services by offering more reasonable prices. However, finding these facilities is the real challenge.

That’s what Healir is designed to cure.

Healir draws on the strength of the many individuals who have been able to find various low-cost healthcare facilities. It uses an engineered feed forward neural network that recalcuates to convergence in real time as you populate our database.

This website would not be possible without the help of people just like you. Please help us continue our mission by contributing information related to any healthcare facility you have visited on this page.

When we work together, we enable ourselves to make positive change for the millions of people who need it the most.